Uniting a community of changemakers so that no ask for help goes unheard…

Our Shared PURPOSE

Initiate and sustain a Youth, Family & Community Education Movement to provide our youth with endless opportunities that prepare them for greater success at work and in life.

In so doing, each member achieves their personal and business goals. And, as a co-op, we all benefit from the efforts of others.

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Why We’re Doing This

LOST: everyone needs help, but most of us do not know what to do or where to go.


VISION: transform the world into a better place by helping each other achieve our goals and dreams.

MISSION: make a difference in society by empowering each other to achieve success at school, at work, and in life.

WHO we are…

We are a sharing and caring community with different skill sets that span health, wellness, career and life readiness.

We are coaches, parents, educators, advocates, advisors, mentors, social workers, counselors, professionals, and volunteers united around the same purpose: to help others.

We are students who want help and want to help others. Together, we are making a difference.

WHAT we do…

We provide services and support to those who ask for help. You might have questions about what to do after high school or want to talk to someone about being bullied. Maybe you can not find a job. We are focused on youth but, as we grow, we intend to expand so that we can support anyone who asks regardless of their age or finances.

Our Mantra

Nothing is impossible.

Together, we can help each other be more successful.

How We Do it

Keep it SIMPLE: Act in our youth’s best interests. Identify and assess their knowledge and skill gaps then offer the solutions and services needed to help them be better prepared for life.

WHAT We Aim to Do …

generate an unprecedented number of opportunities for everyone to learn and grow

empower youth and parents to play multiple roles from contributor to role model

provide youth with the necessary and valuable resources to better prepare them for success as adults

gain access to our self-paced virtual Success Academy

Benefits to Youth

  • Learn valuable health, wellness, life, and career skills
  • Safe forum for people to have honest conversations
  • Build a digital resume
  • Earn a Soft Skills Badge
  • Contribute content to teach others what you learned
  • Earn Community Service Volunteer Hours
  • Add impressive credentials for college and job apps
  • Centralized, easy access to relevant resources
  • Work-based learning internships

Interested in becoming a member or volunteer?